About the StreetArt Festival

On August 5th and 6th, 2017, the 7th International StreetArt Festival will highlight a variety of painting talent in Wilhelmshaven. This exciting two-day festival will be located in the City Centre including Marktstraße, Bahnhofsstraße and the Valois Place of Wilhelmshaven. This year the highlight of the festival is the process of an oversized 3D painting on the Valois Place.

All weekend long, watch street painters create a painting from a beginning conception to the final masterpiece.

The Festival of the Arts is a free outdoor event, open to the public, and features a huge variety of artworkers, such as copiers, 3D-artists and  free artists of street painting.

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Approximately 40 international StreetArt Painters will draw their paintings to the feet of the observers, who will be able to enjoy both the Street Art Drawings and the City Centre of Wilhelmshaven with Sunday shopping possibility (not common in Germany)!


5th Kids & Teenager StreetArt Festival: Kids from the age of 4 to 11 get free chalk and are welcome to give Wilhelmshaven some colour on a 1m2 space.
Teenagers from 12 up to 17 years are also invited to paint a picture. All Kids will be awarded with a certificate. The paintings of the Teenagers will be judged and the best will be awarded with special prizes.


The highlight of the 2017 festival is the process of an oversized three dimensional painting at the Valoisplatz.



These Artists draw perfect copies of the great works of old masters like  Botticelli, Rembrandt or Rubens.


Three dimensional illusion paintings will be drawn onto the pavement and for example look like a realistic tiger moving on the street. Also often the observer becomes part of the painting.

Free artists

Using their own motives Free-Artists create a nature-like picture. The intensity of these works and the fading beauty of this impermanent art has their own attraction.




Alexandra Lüppen (Organizer)

Wilhelmshaven Touristik & Freizeit GmbH

Telephone: +49 4421/ 9279-53

Email: alexandra.lueppen@wilhelmshaven-touristik.de



Directions & Parking

Parking will be available at the NordseePassage on the Bahnhofsstraße. Get directions to the festival using Google Maps.


Are there local Hotels where I can stay the night?

Of course! A list of local hotels can be found here.

Is there anything else to do in Wilhelmshaven?

Wilhelmshaven offers an abundance of maritime flair, welcoming smiles and a huge variety of activities for all ages. Learn more at the City's tourism website.